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When in Beijing in April 2004 before taking Li to Holland I asked her to marry me. I have to admit that I didn't ask her in a very romantic way, though. We talked about marriage before but I hadn't given it much thought until that moment. So as we were in our hotel room I asked her. She said yes, of course. The next day we went shopping for a ring, because I thought that's what a guy needs to do. Ideally I would have bought a ring for her when I proposed but not being sure what she liked in juwelry I thought it would be better to shop together.

Now it's june 2006 and we are not married yet. Not because one of us has 'cold feet' but because in our situation it takes a bit more organisation than a normal wedding alreadyis. Our plan is to get married here in Holland. But our wedding would not be complete without Li's parents and sister. So we are in the middle of applying for visa for the three of them. Anyone familiar with the Dutch immigration policies knows how time consuming and difficult a process that is. It's been almost two months since Li's parents and sister applied and we have received a bunch of papers from the Dutch immigration service (IND) that we returned to them three weeks ago. All we can do for now is wait.

Also, to be able to give notice of our marriage we had to go through the IND who needed to approve our marriage. Quicker than expected they approved and on 16 June 2006 we officially registered for marriage.

In the meantime Li bought a dress and I bought a suit for our wedding. At first we didn't want to do anything fancy so we didn't feel like dressing up too much. But since a wedding is a special one time event we decided to at least buy something special. I can't say anything about Li's dress as I she doesn't want to show it before the wedding but I think the suit I bought makes me look pretty smart.



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